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Standard Suspesion on Sport Suspension Cruze

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I recently purchased a 2012 Cruze LTZ with sport suspension (XJ2, pre-72XXXX) for my daughter to drive around town and to school. I bought this car knowing it basically needs all of the suspension replaced (control arms, sway links, bushings, struts, shocks, watts link/ bar bushings, as well as steering components). Considering the car was extremely clean inside and out, this is something I was willing to commit to.

After searching for parts on rock, it appears there are not readily available loaded struts for this suspension. After searching around I have found several posts of people looking to make their basic setup to sport, anyone have any exp with changing their sport to basic? From what I can tell the main difference is in regard to the ride height (shorter stiffer spring on struts), it looks like it uses the same control arms and sway links, is there any other differences up front or things I need to worry about (after I replace everything its going to be aligned)?

Any help or info would be appreciated, thanks.
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Very often it's possible to use sport springs/coils with standard struts & other related standard parts...
Thanks for the getting back, that is what my understanding was as well. What I'm looking for is if anyone has run standard height struts and rear springs in a sport suspension. The sport springs in the car are tired and rusty, I would like to replace with loaded struts and be done. I'm really looking for, has anyone else done this, and are there other component differences besides the springs? Issues with camber when getting aligned? Will the watts link bars fit with standard ride height springs?
I do not think any of the other components differ, so I believe you would be fine to do this.
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I accidentally did this to mine...didn't realize I had the sport suspension because I got some bad info on which code on the glovebox sticker to look for. Anyway, it raised the front of the car ~1.5". Got an alignment after replacing the struts and all is well.
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Thanks for the info everyone. My parts are coming today and tomorrow and I plan to install this weekend.
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