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Starter motor humming does not stop; Car starts fine

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2012 Cruze Eco

I have had this car for 5+ years. I am one of those guys who listens to the starter motor humming and starts the car after the humming stops.
Yesterday, I noticed that the humming does not stop. If I leave the key in position 2, the humming goes on until I turn the ignition to start. On turning the ignition, the car starts fine and seems to run fine. The humming does stop (or, so I think).

The only thing that changed was that I re-activated OnStar yesterday morning. Could that have updated something that changed the behavior? Or, is something about to break?

The battery was on its last leg, so I went ahead and replaced it yesterday to eliminate any problem with the battery.

Thanks !
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Have you had the HVAC reset yet? What you describe kinda sounds like it could be the #PI below. For me I could hear it with the car on and off if it's a quiet night or inside an enclosed area(garage). The brake booster pump I never really hear unless i'm pressing on the brakes between windows 1 and 2 of a drive thru with the window still down.

#PI1267 High Pitched Whine or Buzz Noise From Engine Compartment After Engine is Turned Off.
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