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Starter slow to disengage?

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Hi all. 2012 Eco that just passed 100k miles. On starting, immediately after the engine turns over (starts running), I have a second or so of metallic grinding/chatter. This has been going on for a little while, and is worse in the cold. Less of an issue after the car is warm, but still present. I strongly suspect that the starter is not disengaging from the flywheel fast enough. Anyone else have this issue? Any other suggestions before I order a new starter? Thanks.
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Yes. My 12 did that. Worse in the cold as you said - usually below freezing.

I never bothered to fix it, but can tell you they later used a different starter. I've seen this issue on the 1.8s here on the forum as well.

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Mine does it too. There have been other threads on this but no real resolution.

I searched "Starter Grind" in the search bar. It appears to only affect manual transmissions.
Ok, thanks for confirming my suspicions. Aside from it just being annoying, I'm concerned that it will damage the flywheel teeth. It's also seemed slower to turn over lately. I'll get the battery checked, but if that's good I think a new starter will be next.
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