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Hey guys

Car: 2012 Holden Cruze SRI-V

I've got an audio issue here, last week i got a mobile car stereo installer to come to my house and install a pair of Type R 6.5 Type s 6inch 2 ways x2 Alpine MRX amps and Type s sub. I Have the factory headunit
Here are 2 clips of what issues i am having.

1. When the volume is very low 1 notch from having no sound there is alot of static noise that you can here even when the volume is up you can still here it. You can hear the difference when i turn the volume off and then back on. (The noise is still there even when talking on bluetooth - listening to the radio and using aux/usb)

2. The blinker is twice as loud as what it was originally before the stereo system got installed. (I've looked in the "Chime" settings and it is set on "Normal")

The mobile installer is coming back tomorrow to see if thicker RCA cables will help this problem and to put a "Silencer" on the cords? (Not too sure what they are) He has also called a few places to ask them about their experiences installing sound systems into the cruzes and if they have had the same problem and some of them are saying it's "Normal" though out of the 4 cars i've owned with a sound system in them i've NEVER had this "Static/white Noise" in them, so it's got me stumped at the moment. Before the install i had neither of these problems the radio/usb/bluetooth/aux was clean and crisp and the blinker was normal

Has any one had these problems?

Any one in the Hornsby - Sydney Australia area that has a sound system in their cruze could help me out?.

Thankfully this is still under warranty and i don't have to pay for anything!.

There are two short video's on the CruzeTalk facebook page, if you just search for "CJ Cartledge" you will see my post with the videos


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