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staying here, second cruze, 2016.5 gen 2 lt

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Glad to keep you in the Cruze family! Much better than buying a Hyundai, I'm looking at you Nick D! (Just kidding) I really wished they would have put the battery in the trunk of the gen 1 Cruze. My Cobalt had the battery in the trunk and it made wiring up the amp and the subs much easier. The Cobalt also had speakers in the package tray which I could tap into so literally all of the wiring was done in the trunk. For the Cruze I had to run power from under the hood, and tap my inputs from a harness behind the hood release latch then run them all the way back. Also since the battery was so far from the grounding point of my amp, I had an alternator whining noise and a buzzing due to the chassis resistance. I ended up just wiring up a relay and put a second battery in the trunk for the amp to get rid of the noise.

Anyway, hope you enjoy your new Cruze!
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Nice upgrade.
Nice! I expanded the picture and the car looks orange!
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