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Steering wheel "sticks" intermittently while driving

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I have been reading about numerous people having a problem with the steering "sticking" while applying light pressure for small steering corrections. It is most noticable at highway speeds, but I can get it to duplicate the problem in the driveway.
Now for the real issue; The vehicle has been at the dealer all week. They supposedly had a GM engineer or district rep in their shop today looking at another vehicle and they asked him about the steering complaint on my car. His reply was "I have heard nothing about this kind of steering problem and we have no TSB's or recalls open for this problem. There is nothing that we can do".
How many people on this forum have read about steering issues on the Cruze? Search for steering, sticking, binding or numerous other words and you will see that this is not an uncommon complaint.

The REAL problem seems to be, if they do not know what to do to correct an issue, then it does not exist. Just like the problem with the power brake micro switch that they are currently replacing under recall. It never existed for months because the dealer, tech line, district engineer or ? did not know what to do to solve the issue. Standard response from GM - cannot duplicate the problem (never drove the car) and we have never heard of this issue before. Therefore we cannot repair the problem.

Can't wait for a response from the Chevy Customer Care rep on this one. Why do I think the response will be an exact copy of what was offered during the brake booster issue before it became a recall?