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2011 LS - no cruise, no connectivity package, bare wheel.

I have been reading, and I am dizzy.
Amongst other threads, this one was the best.

There are steering wheels on ebay - I am willing to pay the $100, rather than go the rostra route.
Can WOT Tuning (trifecta) unlock the cruise function, or even my mechanic - instead of the dealer?
What other wiring is needed for the cruise to work direct from the steering wheel? - keeping in mind I don't have connectivity package
Are there diagrams that would help (for the wiring portion)?

Basically, I have a very skilled mechanic/audio guy that has done some nice work for me, and I trust him to do this.
So IF it's possible to do this, I will have him do it (this is beyond my skill set) - but I don't want to hand him the wheel and it's not possible.

My aftermarket radio supports steering controls, so I assume that can be setup/wired.

Thanks in advance!
I'm trying to go on a road trip and last year after 2000 miles I was walking like frankenstein.

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