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Some engines will consume a bit of oil, some seem to use none at all.
Although mass produced, there are variances......something as simple as oil ring gap placement can cause a bit of usage.

Looks like you are seeing a pint or less (I think less) over a 1500 mile stretch so this could equate to a full quart over 3000 miles.
This is not considered consumption at a rate that would raise any eyebrows.

Over the years I have run across engines that would consume a certain brand of oil and a different brand would display no usage at all.
That one really throws, what is different in the formulation that causes that?

The oil film you mention is SOP for a turbo engine.....just condensed blow by.

Your even compression numbers indicate a healthy healthy you wouldn't catch me disassembling it to see if I could pinpoint a cause of consumption, which, in this case, would be highly unlikely.

Personally, based on past experience, I see no cause for concern.........maybe change oil brands as a experiment.....but that is as far as I would go.

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