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Still have a leak?? Help to Identify

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Hey guys I've been on this journey trying to make my cruze leak free. I can't believe car ran pretty much perfectly with five separate leaks.. No check engine light..
I already fixed:
Transmission coolant lines
Water outlet and all hoses
Crankshaft seal
Oil cooler and all hoses
V3.4 kit

After just doing the oil cooler I went under the car after driving a few days to inspect if anything else still leaking. There is a lot of oil around the oil pan gasket. I saw that before but I was hoping it was the oil cooler dripping down.
I noticed this big Allen key bolt above the oil pan on the front of the engine. It looks wet around it. Does anyone know what that is and can anything leak from there? Or is it just my oil pan gasket leaking and the oil spreading up there?


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I think that's just a cover screw, covering the hole used to slide in the crankshaft locking pin when servicing timing issues. If that is the source of a leak, remove/reinstall it with some thread sealant.
JLL's Four Step Plan for Finding Leaks:
1. Clean up the affected area.
2. Add UV Dye to the fluid that is leaking.
3. Run the engine.
4. Trace the leak with a Blacklight.
I will be interested in seeing what you find. I have done all of those things as well, and have the exact same persistent leak. I tried the dye and it was not conclusive...the oil is spreading out far too much to be able to pinpoint the source of the leak.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts