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Stock Shocks VS Stock Sport Shock

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As the title says I need help deciding. I've been doing as much research as possible but have not found solid answers on the subject.

OEM ACDelco offers Two different shocks. Shocks "with" sport and Shocks "Without" sport. Obviously the "without" sport is slightly cheaper.

I just hit 61K miles on my cruze and am in need of new suspension cause Memphis roads suck bad. I plan on getting "Eibach" Pro kit lowering springs. I'm going with OEM front struts and OEM Top mounts. Figured since I'll be taking the suspension apart why not install newer springs.

Any advice will be appreciated and my mind is set on getting the eibach lowering springs so no need to go on about that.

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The RS and I believe ECO trims, 2011, 12, 13, were standard with 1/2" lowered suspension and 'sport tuned shocks'

A nifty way of saying the shocks are valved a bit stiffer to compensate for the reduced suspension travel.

This was my interpretation of 'Sport' as applied to the Cruze.


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I know in 2011 (when I bought my car) only the 2LT with the sport suspension package and four wheel disc had the stiffer dampers, and 17 inch wheels along with the LTZ. You could get a 2LT without the sport suspension package which make it like a 1lt except with leather ( wonder how many of those are around) Everything in 2011 had zlink except for the eco and LS. The RS did not have any suspension upgrades for that year was only cosmetic with the ground effects and chrome trim rings on the dashboard and foglights. I think that carried through the 2013 but then they started changing things up with the zlink. I think only the RS, 2LT and LTZ had zlink. The 1LT's lost the zlink and the only way to get it on a 1LT was to get the RS package. As far as I know the RS never had changed the dampers only if you got 2LT and LTZ.
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