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Stole a new 2014 Blue Ray Metallic 2.0 TD

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I wasn't in the market but figured with 16's on the horizon and with dealerships still having multiple 14's on the lot they may be willing to deal. Ending up getting mine for nearly $10K off sticker, another $500 off from a Chevy voucher that they emailed me for requesting info from various dealerships internet departments, got $1,800 more than I should have for my trade (22K mile 2013 Ford Fiesta), and a ridiculously low finance rate for 72 months despite a mid 600 credit score. In and out of the dealer in under two hours. I gave them a ballpark of where I needed to be, they came back with a price, gave them the voucher for the additional $500, they came back with new price, told them I need to think about and while leaving they asked where we needed to be to close this now, I told them, deal done. Fairly painless but don't get me wrong as I searched/spoke to nearly every dealer within a 100 mile radius of Chicago in the last week or so before coming to this. Best part about it is my payment is lower than the one for my 13 Fiesta.
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Not Advantage but they were willing to talk. Head further east down 55 toward the city. The dealership asked me for referrals but only from friends I didn't really like as they hoped to make a $ next time.
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