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I constant high-pitched whine at the back of the car would also make me suspect the in-tank fuel pump. If you have an automotive stethoscope or a short piece of hose/tubing and can place it on the fuel tank and it's really loud that would confirm.

Since you bought it used and it has a good amount of mile (kms) on it, did it come with any service or maintenance records? I'm wondering if the fuel filter might not have been changed. You can check in the driver information center (DIC) second screen remaining fuel filter life but that doesn't guarantee it was or wasn't changed.

If you pinpoint that the noise is coming from the fuel tank I'd suggest replacing the fuel filter before taking it to the dealer. If they do diagnostics and determine it's a clogged filter it won't be covered under the powertrain warranty and you might be out of pocket the time for diagnostics.
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