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strange problem...

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hey all,

well I got this strange problem, my engine fan is running at high (very high) speed. now I know this is a fail safe for temp/overheating issues. I have a diagnostic tool (scanner/reader tool) the strange thing is I have replaced Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor and the Radiator Outlet Temperature Sensor (thermostat with sensor) also I have checked shorts to these sensors (all good). now when I do a code read all codes are gone, I am able to clear codes and permanent code that only the computer can clear when happy is cleared too. but sometimes the codes (P00B6 CODE) come back till I clear them again. oh and I have also pulled the negative cable of he battery to try to reset computer...o go ;o(

I have to pull out 2 of the relays (out of 4 relays) just to slow down my engine fan so I don't burn out the fan motor.

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Silly question, but did you check the actual coolant level?
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Is the Fan Motor prone to burning out even if operating at high speed. That is something I've never read? :question:
Car is entering default mode where ECM doesn’t know what’s going on temperature-wise with the engine so goes into fail-safe by running fan and full blast to prevent a catastrophic overheat failure. @Robby will know more.
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yes any motor held at peak rpms will burn out
but sometimes the codes (P00B6 CODE) come back till I clear them again.
That's a sign that something still isn't right with one (or both) of those temperature sensors. It might be the sensor or the wiring.
yes any motor held at peak rpms will burn out
So my home Fan, my home heater/A/C, my Car engine... will burn out because they're operating on high? My computer fan kicks into high mode, it never burned out?
I have check the wiring, replaced both sensors cleared the codes ... fan stopped turning at high speed all was good. now the codes are back and the fan is in high mode again but yesterday the fan stopped tuning at high mode and only came on when needed but the codes came back ????? what's up with that?? so now the codes are back and the engine I working normal. this is strange...
They all burn out. Eventually. Has nothing to do with speed.

NOTHING lasts forever.
P0068 indicates that after the car has been off for 8 hours or more, there's a greater than 20C/68F temperature difference between the Engine Coolant Temperature and the Radiator Coolant Temperature upon startup.
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