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Well, first. Let's play WHAT'S THAT NOISE! lol...
I have a rapid ticking noise coming from my a/c compressor area.
It happens when:

Car is in reverse
Car is in drive before motion
Cold start
When the heat and ac is on
Almost always happens when I apply my brakes.

Secondly, battery voltage
Ranges from 14.2 - 15.9 happens very often.
Lights dimming so low everytime I want to put up my window/down

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That battery voltage is actually pretty good ... at least the low end. 15.9 tends to be a bit high, but depending upon what all is going on electrically, even that's not bad as long as it's not prolonged.

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My 2012 2LT had the displayed voltage jumping all over the place. Had not one but two problems, ignition relay in the underhood fuse/relay had dirty contacts. Where the negative battery cable crimps into the battery terminal, dimwits didn't dip that in a solder pot first with a corroded connection. That I soldered and found a Panasonic relay to replace that POS ignition relay that came with the Cruze.

Can be elsewhere as well, just two many dang connections.

Belt drive noises started whenever these idiots came out with a single belt drive, nothing to fool with, can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere in -30*F weather.

Get so disgusted with this new crap loaded with throwaway parts, put 330K miles on my 1965 Buick Electra fully loaded with the absolute minimum number of problems, zero problems with the AC, a 5,000 pound car still with the original water pump in it, just tires and brakes, lots of stainless steel, even with a bumper jack that I paid 3,000 bucks for.

Now a fortune for a piece of plastic, we are sure getting robbed today with more problems than ever.
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