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Sub cuts out at high volume..?

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Hi new to site, I just installed one 12inch sub with 600w amp that I recently pulled out of my old car and put in my cruze, I did this install with a PAC gm44 and system sounds great only up to 18 clicks of volume and anything higher the sub cuts outand bass is gone then soon as I turn volume down a little the sub comes back, I have a big enough power and ground wire and ground is solid with good contact, I don't believe it's a power issue cause it happens weather car is running or shut off, I've also connected another battery with jump cables and still cuts out, Any help would be appreciated.
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So I bine buzy lately and finally got some time today to play with system, One thing I never thought of was to try tuning head unit itself, I had bass at +12 from befor I added sub so I put it down to 0 and now I can play system loud up to 30clicks befor it cuts out and actually 25clicks is really bout the most ill ever need.

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