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sub stage amp placement and grounding

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i am going to be installing my sub stage of my system soon and need some ideas on where to mount the amp, and where to ground the amp.

installing "the big three", upgrading the battery, drilling a hole in the firewall for the firewall bushing, and running the power cable is not a problem at all, ive been installing full audio systems for close to 10 years now and have had full stereo systems in all my vehicles.

i have the mylink radio in my '14 cruze with the 9 speaker stereo in it, i plan to use a line level output converter to run off the rear deck speakers(6x9 subs) because my amp only has rca inputs.

i took a look around for a bit and didnt find what i was looking for so i am sorry if i missed a thread on this topic.
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The back of the back seat is a solid place to mount an amp. As far as grounding the amplifier under the trunk mat and side panels in the trunk would work well for you. Here is a pic of my amp setup.


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yeah my amp is much much much larger than those amps, just trying to avoid having to install a large piece of 3/4 mdf and taking out the folding function of the rear seats. i was going to go for the rear fender well with a mounting plate.
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