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Sucking/blowing from the oil cap (not pcv or valve cover)

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Hey, got a weird one for you all. The symptoms are much like the normal pcv or valve cover failure but I replaced the intake manifold and the valve cover a few days ago, and the orange nipple is there and the valve cover doesn't suck at the diagram at idle so it's ok also. But when I open the dip stick it or oil cap it sucks and blows at those points. Switching between the two almost 5 times a sec. But if you cover the hole you realize it's sucking more than blowing. ... The rest of the info is just extra. Not sure if it will help

My 2011 1.4 turbo eco model decided to vomit oil all over the passenger side of the engine. Turned out it was because the pcv was now missing, so the pressure would cause the oil to end up going into the corrugated hose and shooting out all over... Or what didn't continue into the turbo and then into the intake and engine. So I replaced the valve cover and did the V.3 upgrade. However that didn't fix it. So I took it off and replaced the intake manifold just to be safe. but the V.3 does replace the correlated hose. So now the oil just stays inside and goes into the turbo and so on.
The car also sputtering when I drive it. I went on a highway trip after installing and intake manifold and new valve cover but after 20 mins it said "ac off due to high engine temp" but the car never got hot. In fact the needle went from normal temp to 0 or cold. I pulled over and no signs of over heating (bubbling radiator fluid/glowing headers). I turned it off for 12 hrs and came back later. the ac off sign was still active. So idk. Also the oil was a bit over full before I started the trip. Still at the same level now. No change. Also it is sucking at the oil cap and dip stick. I even put a spare valve cover on that was also good just to check for cracks... Getting good at changing this valve cover quick lol
I know the valve cover and the pcv valves are only 2 of three check valves on that system (or I think). Could the turbo check valve (maybe solenoid also don't know) be bad. What does that part even look like.
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Thanks a bunch for the quick response. And good call on your advice. I'll edit the post and do an intro after work. I'll post this weekend when I clean the charge pipes
what are the codes? the temperature thing could be either of the coolant sensors or the thermostat. there's one sensor in the water outlet and the other in the lower radiator hose (mine is at least)
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Just checked the charge pipes. No issues with them. Nor can I hear any leaks or whistles from holes. I did a compression test and all cylinders are good. So I'm thinking I might tap out and take it to a mechanic.
hmm.. with the car level and at operating temp, shut off the engine and wait 5-10 minutes. show us your oil level on the dipstick.

how old is the oil? injector is leaking? overfilling can send oil into the pcv system, create more pressure..push the oil out of seals.

you want to be in the 2nd square (smooth area) right above the bottom crosshatch.

oil levels can change from condensation/fuel dilution/short trips etc

bring the oil level down and then report back
Maybe. But compression test passed. Maybe valves. I'll look into it
what was the compression on all 4? wouldn't think compression would pass if you had a valve or ring issue.

get the oil level right and install a new OEM cover...still sounds like an issue with the cover not sealing right or the pcv tract inside the cover/diaphragm or spring inside that vent isn't functioning properly
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Ok been a busy week. Car is working again. Thank you all for all the help... I had to hand it off Sunday because I've been slammed at work. Turned out I did fix the problem and just didn't clean up well. It was the pcv valve that was replaced and sputtering was just the left over oil from me overfilling it. Bit embarrassing but honestly I'm very thankful for all the honest and ernest help I got from this community. Thanks again.
sweet, I had a feeling it was from being overfilled
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