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Suggestions for a PAC AA-GM44 Alternative

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Hello, I just recently finished an installing new front door speakers, tweeters, an amp and a mini DSP into my 2012 Cruze Eco.
The system sounds great except for an alternator buzz I get, usually only noticeable at low to medium volumes.

I am quite certain this noise is being introduced by the PAC AA-GM44, and I have been unable to eliminate it.
I have tried running direct power from the battery, alternate grounds and RCAs that don't even come close to the car but I still have the buzzing.

What do you guys recommend for an alternate front signal source?

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If certain it's coming from the PAC interface,

The Metra one is probably more quality and will not have the noise. It also comes with steering wheel control built i..see EDIT below.

Metra Online
Axxess GMOS-044 GM Factory Integration Interface Adapter

Edit: Sorry it DOES NOT have SWC like the PAC. You need the Metra AWSC to have button control.
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