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We have a lot of serious performance parts and products for Chevy Cruze, but looks like it's the right time to talk about one other silly but very useful accessory.

It's summer and in some places it's getting so hot that you can cook your lunch on the roof of a car. Interior extremely warms up and few minutes before a cool air from AC gets in last for ever.

Here are the results of some researches that I found online:

A car sun shade will help you to avoid overheating of interior and protect it from fading. Intro-tech is a manufacturer of custom sun shades for cars and trucks. Their products have very attractive pricing and reliable quality proven with many years of our partnership.
You can read more about this manufacturer here.

There are two common types of sun shades: Roll up and folding.

Both options come in a custom size to fit under the windshield of your Chevy Cruze.
Common colors are Silver and Gold as they reflect the heath and UV rays in the best way.

Intro-Tech® - Ultimate Reflector™ Custom Folding Auto Shade

Intro-Tech® - Custom Auto Shade™

You can also look up the full list of Sun shades for your model of Chevy Cruze on this page: Chevy Cruze Windshield Sun Shades -

Share your experience and tell which type is more convenient in everyday usage?

1. Folding sun shade


2. Roll up sun shade

Leave your comments and inquiries in the comments below!

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Love my CoverCraft UVS100.
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