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Super deal!!! Fmic + piping + super gt turbo 800$!!!! Like new!!!

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turbo super gt from vermont tuning with fmic and all piping! 800$ (5000 km) (more air flow and faster spooling + more cold air)

new car new project :smile:


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yes sorry mecanic hahaha :)
lets go who want a fast cruze ? :)
you know i would......especially if i had any money....but i am dead broke.
up for a good deal!
How much for the turbo alone? I already have a fmic

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buy the kit and resale the fmic. :)
I think your sig is killing your sales since you only lost .046 sec and lost 2.9 mph with the super 14gt compared to stock. Though I understand there are many variables of why these times occurred
on street tire its hard to have good time with this car. trust me the car run faster with this setup, its night and day.
yes for sure :)
ready too ship let go! :)
700 super deal shiping included...
sold thanks
21 - 34 of 34 Posts