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Supercharging the 1.8L and 2012 Cruze LS restoration

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So welcome to my build log, this is sort of a build log slash restoration log, I'll make a list of things I want to do and things I've done. My goal is to restore this car as I can with better upgraded parts and eventually install a supercharger. I'm open to any and every comment or suggestions! I also want to thank all my sponsors, I really appreciate the support!

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A 2012 Chevrolet Cruze LS with
2002 Mercedes C230 Kompressor supercharger

2006 Mini Cooper S bypass valve
2003-2009 Nissan 350Z CF intake vent
2019-2021 Mazda 6 front lip

what's next?

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DIP OUTLET | Canada's source for Plasti Dip

All underlined items are hyperlinked to the post showing it.
General things done
General things done that have been replaced or removed
Things to do
  • Bedline most of the underside of the car to prevent further rust (steel brush, rust inhibitor, then undercoat)
  • Install dual 3.5" double wall exhaust tips
  • Aluminium braze portions of the charge pipes together (budget TIG welding anyone?)
  • Install Boost Gauge (2nd post)
  • Install AFR Gauge
  • Design and make SC mounting bracket
  • Design and make SC in/out ports plate (Part 1)
  • Design and make bracket for extra pulley
  • Cut out new gasket for the SC in/out port plate
  • Repair drivers side rocker panel (Post 2) (Post 3) (Post 4)
  • Repair rust above rear wheel well where the rear bumper mounts
  • Change transmission oil with the good AMSOIL stuff
  • Fix defrost
  • Change engine oil
  • Check toe alignment
  • Check headlight alignment
  • Check for exhaust leaks
Things I'd like to do
  • Light tint on rear windows
  • Swap to LEDs (everything but headlights)
  • Coolant flush
Supercharger specific things to-do list | Excel log : Supercharged Cruze
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We used the mercedes charger but the variation was clutched. We had it on several different honda motors back in 2000 ish lol .. It couldn t keep up with the 18 GSR motor at the upper rpms.. but your not spinning your motor up to almost 8500

Old Video my bud did after we had initially figured it all out . again 20 years ago lol so forgive the grphics. You have the right plan in my opinion if your putting it where the ac comp was easiest location to work at .

I have been asking people for years why we couldn't set up a switchable SC using some form of AC clutch and here it has been possible all along...sproing!!
Seems like a fun project. Take a lot of pics and make a decent write up of what you did. Only thing I can’t agree on in the placement of your gauges. Someone out there makes an “A pillar” with built in gauges.
ZZP does:

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Installed the back and as expected, one side is higher than the other with the same adjusted height.

Passenger side is half an inch higher, so I'll have to adjust that one night this week.

I would've started the front, but I still need to get those hats (strut mount) off. I'm gonna go to the garage tomorrow and ask them to just disassemble my stock strut and then install the hat on the coilovers. I also installed my summer wheels (all season tires).

Also I think fitment is really good for stock wheels.

View attachment 296434
Is that a rust through hole already? That will be the first one I personally have seen so far if it is.
So I just had a chat with the guys as and they'll be sending me a hyperdip kit to make my wheels bronze gold! can't wait! :D
Speaking of wheels, too bad you weren't a bit closer, I'd pay you to do a set for me, that is as soon as I locate a set of ECO rims anyways. :rolleyes:
Yup, it's the only "real" rust on the car (the rocker panel is from improper lifting of the car).

I'm going to be going over all of the rust during the course of the summer and spring and addressing it. Hope to give a good coat of bedliner under the car too progressively.

I love plastidipping stuff. I got really lucky to find these wheels tbh, it just so happened I was browsing a sonic/cruze group from the province and the guy posted those with lowering springs for sale, I bought them on the spot. Tires had one summer left in them, but for $250-300 CAD, meh! Springs on the other hand, wheren't the best investement 🙃
I just want a shiney set myself. I have about 10 cans of plasti-dip, but have stopped using it as I don't seem to have the best luck with it.
Plastidip has it's learning curve for sure, I'm excited to try out hyperdip instead, seems it's quite different from plastidip, it's thinner and less viscous, so more like paint as opposed to heavy layers with plastidip.
You will need a pretty big tub to be able to dip a rim into it and some strong arms.

I put in a lot of work yesteday night to fit the exhaust parts I have better, lowered the car and in my tired self, I had routed the exhaust between the z-link and the cross member to which it attaches to, so it did not clear with the coilovers. I raged a bit let's just say.

On another note, I took the stock intake casted tubing and cut it to prepare it to braze some plate to it to create the inlet and outlet for the supercharger itself.

Next big step is taking measurements from the mounting points off the AC mount, something I have not been able to find online. With these measurements I can then finish adapting it for the supercharger.

Hopefully this weekend, I get some time to work on it.

Big things coming in the coming weeks. Routing the charge pipe from the throttle body up to the intercooler and braze some sections where possible. Mounting the supercharger (make the bracket). Finish my adapter plate for the boost gauge and AFR gauge off the template I made this weekend, then heat shape it to fit the trim.

View attachment 297218
View attachment 297219
View attachment 297217
View attachment 297216
Looking good so far. I am adding these references just in case you have not seen them:

I cannot find a link, but ones like this also exist:
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I'm not much of a buy and install guy, I'm more of a, if I can make it then I'm making it sort of guy. I also don't care for permanently modifying the car instead of adding parts I can later remove.
All are removeable and replaceable. You could 3d print the one with no link though.
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