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Suspected leaks around the engine

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I am seeing some leaks on the side of engine. Not seeing much decline in oil level. Coolant line is fixed very recently. Any advise would be great help. Thanks in advance.
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I don't know about what I can't see there, but what I can see, doesn't look terrible. Not an expert on this tho'. Looks like the cam cover gasket, not the head gasket?
What you have is a very common issue, the valve cover gasket is leaking. In fact your timing amazing, because I'm replacing my valve cover this weekend because mine is also leaking in the exact same area. My theory behind the leak is that this area is where the PCV system channels fumes up from the crank case, and the fumes are a little hotter and finer than in other areas.
I have run mine like this for about a year, same as with you the oil leaking out is very minimal so the repair can wait. That said, someday the valve cover will need to be replaced. The new valve covers all come with new gaskets and it doesn't take very long to change.
Needs a valve cover gasket (easy on these) and a PCV fix kit for the check valve in the intake manifold.

Check out the oil feed line for the turbo and the oil cooler area "while you're in there".
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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