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Switched 12v at driver side kick panel?

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Just finished retro fitting a bose sub package I scavanged from a Wrecked Mazda 6 and I some how got everything working except one part..

I opted to run a relay for power and tapped into the speaker wires at the b pillar but I'm having a hard time finding a switched 12v at driver side kick panel.

Its only going to be used to trigger a relay so no power drain on it but it's the best place to tap in...

Can anyone point me to a wire in that area I can use to trigger the relay?
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I have a Gen I so this may not work, but for me the fuse panel is right there. You could just use an Add-a-Fuse in the power outlet circuit. Carefully install the Add-a-Fuse to ensure you know which fuse powers the added circuit and then you can fuse it to a lower vale and leave the power outlet at 20A
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