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Note that Diode Dyamics is running a 20% off Black Friday special.

Yes, interior and licensee place is a good start. However, I ended up with a Sylvania SilverStar incandescent for the front dome light. I didn't like the way the LEDs reacted to the fade. But the SilverStar dims normally and is a good match for the "warm white" LEDs. You can't tell the difference. It's cooler than the stock bulbs, but the "cold white" LED are definitely "blue"/"cold" and I didn't like the results. The "warm white" seems more like a true white.

I still have the LEDs for the center dome light and map lights. The center light does a quicker "fade up" when opening the door. The front dome cushions the abrupt fade out of the LED.

I'm about to pull the trigger on LED brake lights. The instant on is hard to beat, and probably backup lights. But I'll keep the stock turn signals. No room for improvement. I may find some W5W and replace the sidelights - those are stock 194 bulbs and the W5W is the same base but brighter.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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