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looking to put some more upgrades into the car this winter, along with that will come some new tail lights, projector headlights w/ some hids. also will be changing the interior/trunk lighting to led. if im going aftermarket tail and head lights is it worth while changing those bulbs to led? was thinking just licence plate and the front bumper marker lights to led.

i know diode dynamics is a vendor on here, and have no question in the quality, but is there really much of a difference between their product and say superbrightleds, etc?
I can't imagine there'd be much of a difference in the quality. I've had a great experience with Diode Dynamics in the past and would recommend them.

Moving on to your lighting, I personally wouldn't bother with the front bumper marker lights. The difference from the stock incandescent bulb to an LED bulb in there would be almost nothing (excluding the life of the bulb of course, in which case you could then upgrade to LEDs once the stock incandescent bulb dies). As for interior, trunk license plate and even the trunk interior light to LEDs, I definitely recommend. I upgraded all of them to crisp white LEDs and it looks fantastic (I'll try and get some pictures tomorrow night and post them here). The interior lights still fade in and out like the factory incandescent bulbs but it's a much cleaner looking light and brighter.

As for aftermarket headlights and taillights, I can't provide much input there. I have all stock in those areas. I did try putting LED bulbs into my factory taillights. Unfortunately the bulbs I ended up purchasing were slightly dimmer than the factory incandescent and it didn't meet my expectations. One thing I have read about though, mainly here on CruzeTalk, for aftermarket headlights is premature fading/scratching/yellowing of the lens. Also moisture build-up can be more likely as they may not be as well sealed as OEM headlights. Just something to keep in mind.
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