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I haven't looked into this too much and I have a bunch of Amsoil waiting to be put in. I was talking to the guys a Fleece today and the the Cruze and Colorados and they felt that the issue to longevity would be the transmission and not the motor. After a little poking around it looks like there are all kinds of cars that use the transmission and there don't seem to be that many versions of it. I'm thinking there's already someone that has figured out its strengths and weaknesses and frebut it better they just haven't put it in a Cruze yet.

Since nobody is reporting any issues around here I'm going to guess it's fairly stout and lasts a will last a while with regular maintenance. It turns out my wife had one in her Lincoln Zephr and it was flawless for 190000 miles with regular maintenance.
friend is saab mechanic, and owns 13 saabs

speed sensors and simple things like that fail, otherwise the trans is solid.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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