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Hi guys! As a cruze lover I planned some multimedia thread to my 2012 LT just few weeks ago and done already. Now I want to share it with you too just like my local forum in Turkiye. The process which I made is to apply an AndroidBox to my Double Din Navigation for better multimedia experience. Here you are the videos and pictures of this thread. I hope you like it and help anybody who wants similar things.

.::Android Test::.

.::Talking Cruze::.

Double Din main system "Wince" is still existing. All standart controls including steering wheel are existing too.


I tried to prevent scratches on trims with this nylon bags

Connections are Av/Composite

I couldnt wait for first picture. Here it is!

Nearly done!

I placed the Androidbox near gear inside of console. Here is the best place for me.

.::Traffic Camera and Inside Camera Installation::.

First job is to rip off this airbag covers. So easy. Just force to pull to yourself.

Take camera cables under air filter cabin which is stored back of trunk.

Go on and take cables near BCM unit to Androidbox.

and Done!

.::Necessary Equipments::.

1) 1 Pcs android box. It must include composite/Av connection. Also capable with bluetooth, wifi, gps and microphone
2) 1 pcs airmouse
3) 3g modem for internet
4) 5V/2A car lighter charges
5) Applications from Goole store
6) For Obd2 Ecu connection I offer Obd2 Elm327 adapters
7) Be sure to buy androidbox which has ability to start automatic when you give electric. Otherwise you have to use it in your car without hide.
8) Usb camera for dash. I prefer Logitech C270.
9) 1 Pcs traffic Cam. I prefer Novatek GS8000L. Be aware for fake ones. Only buy original.
10) 1 pcs Car lighter splitter. You can hide it near BCM unit.

Sample Equipment Links:

Android Box:
In stock! XBMC fully loaded 100% GENUINE MX2 Box Android 4.2 MX Dual Core Smart android TV Box Media Player1080P/ WIFI /ROOTED-in Set-top Boxes from Consumer Electronics on | Alibaba Group

Air Mouse:
2.4G Mini USB Mermaid Air Mouse Wireless Keyboard Remote Control for PC Smart TV-in Keyboards from Computer & Office on | Alibaba Group

Obd2 Elm327:
Super Mini Bluetooth ELM327 ELM 327 OBD2 obd ii CAN BUS Diagnostic Car Scanner Tool with Switch Works on Android Symbian Windows-in Code Readers & Scan Tools from Automobiles & Motorcycles on | Alibaba Group

Usb Cam:
LOGITECH C270 3 MP Webcam Web Kameralar

Traffic Cam:
Tahmini Teslimat Zamanı

Thats all at the moment! Good Luck! :eek:k:

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Nice but you do not get ATSC with that !!
I guess that is another project ..

I do like that you took the time to research and figure this out ,, are you fully functional at present ?
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What country are you in at present ?

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I also apply my home pocket projection to my Cruze just like picture which is at below; This is a photoshop workout at the moment. But I tested my Royaltek RPJ 2000 to back of seats. Result is fine! :eusa_clap: Ordered some articles to back window. I will connect this projection to Double Din too for 2nd Zone. Yay! :yahoo:

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