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Tammy and her problems again

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Hey everyone, I feel like the top complainer, and all these issues probably makes it seem like I just like to find things that are wrong. But I just can't believe the bad luck I am having. I will copy my FB post here (edited a bit so it is more clear):

I am having the worst experience with this new car so far. The car is awesome, but the universe must be telling me that I shouldn't have gotten it.

First the flat in the middle of nowhere. Then the finance guy who lied to me. It all took so much time to deal with. I was so relieved to finally get the tired replaced today and just move on.

Well, I went to Bradley Chevrolet to drop it off this morning - just to have new tire put on. I should have taken a picture of the tire/rim while it was sitting in the trunk and ask the service guy to be in the picture.

And I especially should have done that when I saw the service guy who used to work at Nissan. I didn't give him a glowing review on one survey (back when I was taking SUV to tjem for regular service) because he was rude when he took in my Pathfinder. Now the guy works at Bradley and I should have just turned around and left when I saw him and took it as a bad sign.

As I was about to pay, my husband runs in and says, "Tammy there is a pretty nice size gouge in the rim."

Sure enough, my feelings of apprehension should have told me to not even drop it off.

I showed the service manager pictures of the tire after I got the flat. He pretty much told me that I caused it by driving on it. My husband checked it over a million times before he set the rim in trunk (before i took it Bradley Chevrolet) and the damage wasn't there.

They even noted it was gouged on service paperwork and one of the guys lied and said he saw it before they took it out of the trunk.

They only charged me for the tire, but I should have just flat out refused to pay.

So mad!

I was picking it up on my lunch break, so I had to get back to work. After work I went back with my husband again and talked to the Sales Manager (because he is over the service guy at Bradley). He said he will "investigate" and get back to me tomorrow. He didn't even look at my pictures. I had a picture that I took of the entire rim with the flat tire just moments after I pulled over.


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This is really starting to suck. On Star just sent a message that psi is down to 24. Does that mean the rim was bad to begin with? I mean, those gouges on the rim definitely happened at Bradley Chevrolet. But something was wrong to make the tire flat in first place.
I can completely understand why you would be expecting some compensation . Clearly the rim was not scratched and to me it looks like the showed no regard for your property and must have dropped it rims side down . They could have atleast come clean , a scratch or two would not warrant a new rim on a eco car like the Cruze , but they could of helped with a discount on the tyre. I wonder how a dealership would feel if I walked in as a customer and due to my carelessness scratched one of there new cars , There not going to be happy about it . just take this asa warning and avoid going to that dealership at all costs . there must be a better cleaner more honest mechanic about .
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