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I have a 2nd gen Cruze. While I was at work they had our parking lot dug up and paved in certain areas. Now my whole car feels like a fine grit sand paper , you can barely see it . I took it through a touch less car wash and that didn't help. My question Would I be able to get it off or has it ruined my paint job ? Thanks in advance

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From personal experience (and the fact I do paint correction on the side) try this.
Hand wash/rinse entire car.

Charcoal lighter (same as tar remover at 1/4 the price) and a couple of clean micro fiber towels needed.
Saturate one towel (the smoking lamp is OUT!) and gently wet the area with the tar.....wait about 30 seconds and gently wipe with the wet towel........another 30 seconds and gently wipe with the dry towel. Start from the roof and also do the glass.....

The idea here is we don't want to take a chance of grinding any of the hard material in the tar into the paint and this is why I am not recommending a clay bar yet......the potential of scratching with the bar is high.

When you can 'palm' the car and not feel the tar, it is time to clay bar....follow the kit directions. Once done, hand wash the car again.
This must be followed with a hand preference for this after your prep work is Meguires yellow wax sold in tan bottles.
Yellow wax has no cleaners and none are needed if you performed the above steps.

Use a new sponge to wax.....NO hard rubbing......apply it as though you are polishing furniture......just gently apply....straight strokes, no circles......let it haze and remove with another clean microfiber.

Car will look better than when you brought it home.

Good luck!

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