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It seems that GM may possibly be having some technical or production difficulties getting the Cruze diesel to market. It's April 1st and still no release date. I stopped by our local Chevy Dealership last week and they are clueless about a release date for the diesel in our region. Apparently, GM decided to release the diesel in ten states before distribution goes national later. The longer this goes on, the less likely we are to purchase a 2014 diesel this year as the "new" 2015 Cruze is to be released in Fall 2014. We do not expect a dramatic redesign just enough to let your neighbors know you bot the 2015. We are also watching developments for the Mazda 6 diesel. The Mazda 6's projecting nose and cab-rearward design (maybe that's where the added 7 inches comes from?) is not very appealing to me but there is a lot of machine there. We will see what the tech and price comparisons are next Fall. The cabin area may be quite similar in size even though the Cruze is a compact and the 6 is midsize. Increasingly looking like we will buy in spring 2014. Never did like the idea of buying a new car going into winter.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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