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2014 Cruze diesel

Fleece Performance full emissions deletion kit with EFILive tuner.

Installed down pipe, did not remove egr and install block plate due to time and finances.

Can I still install the "CRZRACE" tune and be safe to drive, replacing the egr at my leisure?

Is there a specific tune file by name for just installing the down pipe and not the egr block off plate? If so which different process do I follow? Process now is "Full1 STCKTUN" then the "CRZRACE" option.

Discription for unplugging the "throttle valve":

"Do make sure you unplug your *throttle valve* (car will not start a second time if not unplugged before start up after tune)"

-When do I unplug it? Before the tune, after the tune? When do I plug it back in? After the tune, after the start? Also, would this be the throttle position sensor / motor? Every throttle valve I know of comes in a transmission.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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