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WORTHINGTON, Ohio - A teenager is being accused of buying a brand new car with a bad check, having it repossessed, and then stealing back with a key he kept. But, that’s not all.

DaShawn Hawes, 19, is accused of writing $17,000 in bad checks from a closed bank account.

“In conjunction with the bad check cases, it had came to be that he had stolen a car key for a brand new car while he was at Jack Maxton getting service on another car,” said Det. Emily Mowry ,Worthington Police.

Police said the investigation continued when the bank did an audit of all the cars on the Jack Maxton lot and realized a 2013 Chevy Cruze was missing.

“I hate a thief. Somebody wants to take something, and we find out who it is, we're going after them,” said Jeff Mauk, owner of Jack Maxton Chevrolet.

The dealership filed reports on the bad checks and stolen cars.

Detective Mowry followed the paper trail. She said Hawes used a bad check to buy the Chevy Malibu from Germain Toyota, in May of last year.

Germain repossessed the car when the check bounced, but police said Hawes still had the key and stole it back.

Detective Mowry says he then took that car to Jack Maxton in January, to be serviced, and paid for it using bad checks.

And, while he was there that day, she says he also bought a used car, with another bad check.

“We're supposed to guarantee all checks, and those didn't,” added Mauk.

But Hawes did not stop there, according to the dealership.

“While he had the car, he pushed the blue button and signed up for OnStar, and when you buy a new Chevrolet, you get roadside assistance. If you run out of gas, they'll bring you gas. And he did that three times,” said Mauk.

But Mauk said it's that fraudulent OnStar registration that also led police to the cars and ultimately to the man.

Hawes now faces charges of grand theft auto, passing bad checks and receiving stolen property. He's also wanted out of Montgomery County for counterfeiting.

Worthington police hope other any businesses, which have been victimized by Hawes, will now step forward and file charges.
Police: Brazen Teen Buys $17K In Cars With Bad Checks | WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio

Amusing how much he got away with before he got caught....
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