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Hi there. My temp gauge reads 1/4 when the ignition only is switched on first thing and the engine is reluctant to start. Once it starts it runs fine.
This has happened a few times now.
On the motorway it has started showing 2 notches below red and the fan comes on but the engine is cool enough to touch. I posted a much more detailed post earlier but it didn't appear :unsure:.

The car had a full service the day before it started acting hot on the motorway (Wed 13th Feb). I drove at different speeds and the gauge acted the same. My fuel consumption instant figures were normal and changed with the speed. My garage did full diagnostics and nothing showed up. funnily, I can't contact my mechanic...

The still is taken from a short video of me trying to start the car. Will upload it if I can figure out how to. Any ideas or suggestions gratefully received. I'm at the point of trying to fix it myself. I'm not mechanically inept, just short of time and enthusiasm.

Update: I took the car out today, drove 3 miles and the gauge is 3 notches below the red. It's only 11C here.

Final update: Default position for the Temp gauge is buried in the red with the warning chime sounding and the fan running at max. This is with a stone cold engine. Sigh.


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