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I've been reading this forum for over 5 years, and I think you would be the first person with a crankshaft seal replacement. Ohh, I take that back, I think CruzeEcoBlueTopaz had one replaced at over 200,000 miles.

I would think there would be oil leaking on the passenger side of the car, at the big pulley at the bottom of the belt if it was really leaking.

Try starting the car with the AC off, and allow the engine to get to full speed before engaging the AC. I've had mine make a little chirp on really hot days, where I have shut the car off with the AC on. It can be a large load on the belt. With the alternator trying to start the car and the AC both trying to run at the same time.

Also shutting the AC off 5 minutes before you get to your destination also allows the compressor to de clutch, and any water in the vents to drain through so you don't get smells.

I'm thinking someone is trying to get you to believe you have a lemon, when really things aren't that bad.
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