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Talk about a dealer showing its stripes.

To perform the seal replacement, the drive belt must be, the only additional labor that you are responsible for is the time it takes to exchange the tensioner.....ten minutes on a bad day.
The dealer is taking advantage of the situation since he has chosen to charge the tensioner replacement as a stand alone repair. The time books don't show tensioner replacement in conjunction with other repairs.

The correct method would show parts that are cutomer pay (belt-tensioner). Then, parts that are warranty (seal).
The labor would be the time given for seal replacement (warranty) and a small additional labor charge, called OLH, for the tensioner exchange.
The belt R&R is, naturally, required to exchange the seal.

On another note: While running with hood open (and making the sound) remove the dipstick and see what happens. If the sound changes or disappears the seal is the only failed part......tensioner and belt are serviceable and replacement is at your option.

A good friend of mine has a Honda Odyssey that is subject to the piston replacement recall, excessive oil consumption. Honda pulled his engine & replaced the pistons as part of the recall. When it was in for the pistons it was time to replace the timing belt & water pump. Dealer charged him the full labor amount to replace timing belt & water pump. He told me this, and I said timing belt has to come off to disassemble engine. Honda would have had to eat the timing belt labor as part of engine reassembly. He was not pleased with his dealer. Nothing like a dealer taking advantage of Honda and the customer. And, my friend is a loyal Honda customer. 2 Odysseys and a Honda Accord, and he's getting ready to replace his Accord.
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