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Terrible Fuel Economy

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I knew I was going through this tank faster than I thought I should. I tracked my mpg for the last three tanks...I'm currently averaging 24.8mpg. I drive 10 miles each way - all highway. I am between 60-65mph the whole way. I probably add another 10 or so miles at 40-45mph once a week.

Before the last few tanks, I was at around 30mpg. I'm not using the A/C anymore than I used to, I'm not idling the car. Nothing has changed in my driving habits. It got real hot for a few days but has stabilized.

I guess I'm just floored. I expected much better than this. Heck, with my old HHR I got 22mpg even with A/C on and city only driving.

My car is a 2013 Cruze LS. I use 87 octane - no ethanol.
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Hello everyone! Im new here and sadly i have the same issue.. I have a 2013 LS 1.8 auto, according to my DIC im doing an average of 16 MPG but i only use the car in the city, no highway.. My car has less than 600 miles. I only use 93 octane fuel.

Sorry for my english but i dont live in the USA and english isnt my native language.

Pics? :whatdoyouthink:


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Welcome to CruzeTalk not a fan of the front bumper but love the grill. But the 1.8l arnt for fuel economy but you should be getting better than that. What type of terrain is there where you live and how is the traffic. Is the weather hot most of the time these will all play into the fuel economy game.
Hey! thanks for the fast reply.. This is the unique cruze available for my country so i dont have any options at all.. or auto or manual but always 1.8 so im trying work with that.. The terrain? Where i drive is flat not too many mountains. The trafic is horrible. The weather? well im in Central America so not to cold but not to hot.. Just Perfect! I know that i cant expect a 40+ MPG. But it really doesnt make sense the 16 MPG. So any help is welcome.
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