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Texas Newbie

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I am the proud new owner of a 2018 Cruze LT Hatch RS diesel in Pepperdust Metallic with the six speed manual transmission. With roughly 1500 miles on the clock so far, I am loving this car. Since it is new and still under the factory warranty, I am keeping it stock enough to keep me out of trouble, but have some plans for this thing once the aftermarket catches up to the new models and the new diesel engine.

Pros so far....

Great freakin mileage. Road trip from San Antonio to Tyler & back last weekend, about 300 miles each way on mostly 80 mph toll roads and averaged over 40 MPG.

Comfortable car even for a tall, fat guy.

The diesel's torque curve is still fun to play with even though she's no speed queen.


The electric assisted power steering is completely NUMB.

The stock speakers in the LT trim break up horribly. Way more power delivered by the stock head unit than the speakers can handle.

No tow rating from the factory, even with the diesel.

I have some mods and additions in the works. I have already purchased a set of FK Ethos RT-57 wheels for it. (Anyone interested in a brand new set of 18" RS take-offs?) and it is going for a window tint next week. Does anyone know anything about the Chevy Performance CAI, Brake Kit, and Lowered Suspension kit? I think I will be limited to GM branded upgrades for the big stuff until my warranty is up.

Wish List...

Limited Slip Diff
DPF delete kit
Diesel Tune
Short Throw shifter
HID Lighting

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Texas Newbie-Take 2

Hello everyone! Not sure what happened with my first thred. It never showed up, so here it goes again...I am the proud new owner of a Pepperdust Metallic 2018 Lt Hatch Diesel. So far I love this car. Great mlleage, good little torque curve, and comfortable for a small car. Looking forward to getting some insight from these pages to make some improvements after my warranty is up. In the meantime, i was wondering if anyone has experience with the Chevrolet Performance CAI, brake kit or lowered suspension since these will be my only warranty safe options at he moment. My only complaints so far is the completely NUMB electric power steering, and the weak stock speakers in the LT trim.
Welcome, I love the Peperdust color, and wish I waited to get the Hatch. There is a current thread talking about a current owner just receiving the performance CAI, and he hasn't got it installed yet, but they are keeping us up to date. Here is the thread

I agree with you about the stock speakers are not good.

Welcome aboard!!!
Congrats on the new oil burner and welcome to CT
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Welcome Aboard!:welcome:

Pepperdust?? Post some pic's please.
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