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Heh, My average response time with them is somewhere atleast 15-20 days.

I've got an open request with them now that i'm waiting on. I'm at 10 days.

I'm also contemplating moving over to this tune instead. Watching with interest. Perhaps I can get a spin in someone's car at lordstown this year and decide.

Hey nybble. Your request is not for regular support issue. Your request is for the new DSVMII update, which we have had over a hundred requests in just the last week and half. These mass updates, unfortunately, take time and are first come first serve and are not considered critical support related. As such, it is not part of the norm and should not be considered as part of the normal support structure.

Had you been having an actual problem, ordered an update for a new mod, etc, your request would have already been fulfilled. We appreciate, your's and anyone else patience while we get these updates done.
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