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Lots of articles regarding Acetone and Acetone Mixtures for Gasoline.
Various reports sometimes result from using "Altered Acetone"

The ONLY Correct Acetone to use as a Fuel Additive is 100% C.P. Acetone,
100% Chemically Pure Acetone.

The stuff you get at Wal-Mart, Hardware Stores etc has an additive to make it "Boom-Proof", it will not work properly as a fuel additive. Regardless if the label says 100%, it is NOT.

Sally Hansen Beauty Supply is an easy supplier of 100% C.P. Acetone at $20/gl + tx.
You WILL be asked what your plans are upon purchase, I predict soon that a license will be required, like when buying R-12.

Some industrial suppliers also offer 100% C.P Acetone but unless you buy drums, the cost is higher than Sally Hansen.

Hope this helps confusion regarding Acetone, Xylene etc as fuel additives, the guys who used "Kleen-Strip" etc did not use the right stuff.
BTW, Xylene or Xylol can be obtained at ANY hardware store.

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