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The Cruze sure does get attention

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I am getting a lot of attention with 'Lucy'. I work beside a Hyundai dealership, and I have had 2 employees of Hyundai stop me and ask me questions about the Cruze, and tell me how much they like it.

This morning I stopped in to my regular gas station/coffee stop and the attendant asked me a number of questions about my car, and told me how much he liked it.

And then there are the people in the cars next to me who double take at the site of the Cruze, then always seem to turn their focus to the rims.

She's finally done with all her 'extras', which seem to help. Tint, emblem overlays, side marker overlays.. Oh, even got personalized plates. I had a car accident with my G5 and the trailer hitch of the Tribute I hit punched through my plate and someone was nice enough to point out to me that Lucy would never look good with that on it.. So instead of new number plates, I thought she deserved personalized ones :D

So how about you? Have people been stopping you and asking about your Cruze? So far in my experience, it is a head turner!
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Hey what tint do you have? 20 percent all the way around? I'm stuck on either getting 20 or 35
I have 35 all around :)
I took my grandmother to visit my grandfather in the hospital on mothers day in my cruze and the older black lady who was her caretaker for the day was like, this is a really nice car what kinda car is it and i told her it was a chevy she was like "Sheeeeeeeeiit dat dont look like no chevy i ever seen" Needless to say I was amused.

She was also impressed that it was reasonably priced and can get 42mpg on the highway.
LOL!! That's hilarious!!

I am surprised that I have not seen more Cruze's on the road. I live in a very touristy area and thought that the rental car companies would have gobbled these cars up as they did with Cobalts and Cavaliers.
GM is steering away from the Rental market. It's not a profitable market. As of late 2009, GM had 19% in the rental market compared to Chrysler and Fords' 25% and 23% respectively. GM had held the highest share of the rental market until 2009. I believe the goal is less than 10% in rentals.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts
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