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So, I have a 14 Cruze with 1.4t, got the P0171 this morning. I still have a few months of powertrain warranty remaining. Are there any scenarios where the problem could be fixed for free or do I need to bend over?
I just got the call... PCV valve just as expected they were going to charge me $220 and then I told them it should be covered under powertrain.

For once, I'm on the good side of the warranty expiration, I had 1 month and 1 day remaining.

I also gave them the bulletin so they could verify the intake manifold non-return valve was functioning properly.
Well, I gave them the bulletinumber and they claim to have checked it.
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Our '14 ECO (about 130,000 miles) had a slue of codes, about a month and half ago. P0171 & P1101 were the last two that we cleared yesterday by changing the valve cover ourselves. Part was $90, and took my son, daughter, and I about an hour to replace it, even with snapping one of the bolts.
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