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I thought for sure we had an official page asking what we have or keep in the trunk thread, but I was mistaken. But since I went through the effort to create a post, I decided to make the thread also. Pretty worthless idea, but someone had to come up with it.

Radar Detector & Accessory Storage Bag
Paper Towels
Water Blade
Micro-Fiber Towels
Tool Bag
Adjustable Bungee
LED Flash Light
Pen Light
Scissor Jack Socket
Hand Cleaner
Large Twist Ties
OBDII Scanner
Plastic Trim Tool
Battery Analyzer
OBDII Extension Cord
Tow Strap
Reflective Triangle
Operators Manual
Infotainment Manual
Jumper Cables
Cold Bag
Shopping Bag
Trunk Container
Ski Gloves
Leather Gloves
Work Gloves
Lightweight Waterproof Jacket
Sunshield (not shown)
Emergency Blanket
Ice Shield
Mirror Mitts (Inside Ice Shield Container)
Gloved Scraper
Long Scraper/Brush
Baggage Bag Luggage and bags Hand luggage Everyday carry

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Trunk Mid-size car

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In my trunk? Let's see:

The Cruze and Volt both have nothing.

The Cobalt has my two JL 12" subs (so as a result, nothing else goes in the trunk):

The Cavalier was similar, but I had grilles on the subs, so things could go in the trunk. I had my jumper battery in there, as well:

And the Camaro has the factory spare, jack ground plate...and the jack is sitting on a shelf in my garage, haha (the rear deck is an entirely custom setup for all the sound equipment, so the mounting point for the jack itself is long gone). Oh, and the t-top bag. And a broom handle to hold the trunk open.

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A jump starter battery, a pile of reusable shopping bags, a six pack of water (I don't like paying $2 for a bottle of water), a beach chair, microfiber towels, cleaning supplies, a couple hats, gloves, a couple of those disposable rain ponchos and a folding emergency triangle.

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What DON'T I have in my trunk. I'll start with a Craftman toolbox (in case of roadside breakdowns), jumper cables, battery pack and a bunch of other stuff.

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My workout bag and spare tire(donut) and jumper cables. Now that I have a couple extra wheels, thinking about converting to a full size spare but never used in all my years of driving? Oh yea I have a cargo net also. Used to have my Bazooka Bass Tube in my 2011, never got around to putting in recent cars(besides been thru so many and I don't listen to that kinda music)

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A litter box for Scrappy the cat, feline king of the road. (Leave one seat back down for bathroom access)
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