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So long story short, here in WV we've had a more unusual winter this year than most. I drove my 2013 Cruze of the lot this April. I was excited and nervous to see how this car would run in the weather in the winter months and as expected she's been quite a charmer. However, today while I was approaching the passenger side of my Cruze I noticed the front jack cover on the rocker molding (RS) was completely missing. It wasn't tethered by the cheap plastic strand, it was completely gone... I was well aware of how this covers worked due to having to change a tire very early (Driver's side, go figure...)

It doesn't seem too much of a concern right now, clearly it seems that moisture or protection seems not to be an issue. I doubt the cover added much insulation to what is under it... However I would like to replace eventually for the sake of looks. Does anyone know where and how this could be replaced? The dealer or maybe a shop online? My worries is the fact that my color had been pulled from the assembly line, so I hope I'm not too late when the time comes lol. Any response would be appreciated!

**Worth mentioning, I assume the cause of this was the combo of ice and snow building on my moldings and then melting and sloshing off. At times when the temps were below freezing I noticed the build almost creates a vice grip on the moldings, good to watch is you live in an area with many speed bumps. I wouldn't wanna risk skimming the ice with the hold it has on your body components... There is no evidence of cracking or breaking off, I assume the cover's tether just got knocked out just right..
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