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Here's the consolidated version of this thread:
Finally had the time to put it together. Yes, i went through all 15 pages and condensed it into this thread... so it better be STICKIED!

Keep in mind some models may not have all these features based on the options you purchased your car with. Here goes:

1. The reason there is no trunk release button inside the car is because there's a trunk release button on the trunk. It's located right where the license plate lights are. Reach under chrome trunk accent and give it a press. (one of the sales people at the dealer wasn't aware of this). Note the trunk will not open unless the doors are unlocked and the car is in park.

2. The centre console slides forward if you press the latch and pull. It makes things more comfortable. Just remember to slide it back when you want to open it.

3. If you have the automatic transmission, you can use the manual mode to accelerate from 2nd gear rather than 1st. This is particularly handy in the winter when you need the throttle to be less sensitive and the car to ease into speed and avoid tire spin.

4. You don't need to hold the key turned in order to start the car. A simple short flick to the start position engages the starter until the engine ignites. (try it, it's pretty cool, but don't flick too fast). Also because of this, you cannot recrank the engine once started. This prevents damage to the starter motor.

5. The little slot on the passenger side foot well can be used to hold magazines, news papers, documents, or even a collapsable sun shade for the front windshield. (I'll post a photo when I get a chance)

6. You can set the car to unlock all doors when pressing the remote unlock just once. This option is in the configurations menu.

7. You don't need to reach to the centre console to lock the car. Pressing in the lock pin on the drivers door will also lock all doors. Note the doors will pop back to unlocked if your keys are in the ignition to prevent a lockout. So if you're wondering why your car won't lock using this method, check the ignition for your keys.

8. There's a hook to hold 1-2 bags on the left side inside the trunk.

9. There is a handhold to pull the trunk shut without touching it inside the lid, right side (look near the glow in the dark emergency trunk release pull).

10. If you have the Bluetooth call feature, you can change which phone pairs first (if two users are in the car at once) by going though the config menu, selecting the blue tooth device and then selecting the phone you want to have priority.

11. Using the Bluetooth hang up button mutes the radio.

12. The automatic transmission shifts into N by itself when stopped with your foot on the brakes for more than a few seconds. This is why the car rolls back a few inches if you're on a hill and you lift your foot off the brake. If you lift your foot off the brake slowly you can actually roll back for quite some time, so be careful.

13. When you hit the defrost selection on your HVAC, the fan speed with increase (to help defrost/defog quicker) and the vents will change to windshield mode. Turn the fan knob in either direction to go back to the initial speed.

14. If you have the auto climate control: in the winter on a cold start, when pressing the auto button and setting a comfortable temperature, the fan will not go to high right away. The system waits for the engine to warm up before increasing fan speed and blowing in hot air, not cold. NOTE: Some 2012 Cruzen with auto climate control automatically put the fan on high for most automatic temperature settings and rarely changes it. This shouldn't be, and there's a TSB to do a software reflash to fix this. See your dealer to get this repair completed if you think your car is affected.

15. If the fan is on high and you receive a bluetooth call, the fan speed will drop so you can have a comfortable conversation without the sound of a jet engine coming from the vents...

16. The radio volume can correct itself automatically based on road noise and speed. This setting exists in the configuration menu.

17. If you have an manual and you stall or kill the engine for any reason, you must hold the key to restart it, unless you turn the car completely off and back on.

18. If you forget your turn signal on for too long as you're driving you will receive a message on your DIC and a dinging warning. It's not very loud though, but if you constantly look down at your screen you'll notice the message.

19. The driver's sun visor slides back when it's unhooked from the front. Comes in handy when covering the rear portion of the side window.

20. The factory optional premium Pioneer sound system has 9 speakers: 1 on the centre of the dash, 2 tweeters in the A pillars, 2 Mids on the front doors, 2 Mids on the rear doors, 2 Subs on the back ledge.

21. If you have the keyless system with push to start, you can activate the accessories/auxiliary power by pressing and releasing the start button without your foot on the brake. If your foot is on the brake, the engine will start. To put the car in service mode, aka like a key on, engine off position, hold down the start button WITHOUT your foot on the brake until the dash lights up, then release.

22. If your windshield wipers are on for more than 20-30 seconds, the exterior lights will automatically turn on. Your interior lights will stay at the same dimness unless it's dark out, they they will change accordingly. This feature is because in certain states, it is required by law to have your lights on when the wipers are on.

23. If you go into voice control mode with your iPhone (press and hold the home button), it's just like making a phone call to your own phone in the sense that the mic built into the car is used, relays your voice commands to the phone, and then gives a "call ended" message and then commences your call. So when I am driving I press and hold the button on the phone, voice command menu comes up, I say "call so and so", the iphone does it's thing, the onstar broad says call ended, and then the call starts as normal. Also works with any other iPhone voice commands.

24. Same as above but with more steps, you can do the following to access your voice commands on the iPhone: press the voice commands button on the steering wheel, Say "Hands Free", wait for the ready, Say "Bluetooth", then "Voice". Wait, you will then hear the iPhone lady say "Ready". Say whatever command you want for your phone. ex. "what time is it?" or "what song is playing?" or "dial 123-456-7890".

25. If you leave your car for days w/o starting it will go on battery saving mode and when you start your car you will see the battery light logo. To remove this after you start the car turn the key again like as if you are starting it and hold it there until the logo disappears. You may also notice your interior lights won't turn on when you open the door.

26. The turning signal has 2 functions: the lane change function, and the full turning signal function. If you just flick the switch, your signal will flash 3 times for a lane change. If you engage the switch, it will flash indefinitely... or until you turn...

27. It is now easy to set your cruise control to a specific speed -- just engage cruise control and then tap up or down to increase/decrease speed setting. Each tap will change the speed setting exactly 1 mph. (many cars do this...)

28. On an automatic, unless you are COMPLETELY in park, when you shut the engine off, it will NOT release the key to you. Firmly pressing the shifter into to park does the trick. This may sometimes happen if you have a phone (particularly an iPhone) in the little storage bin and it prevents the lever from going into park fully. Kinda annoying if you ask me.

29. If the ignition is turned to LOCK/OFF while the wipers are on 1, 2, or 3, they will immediately stop. If the windshield wiper lever is then moved to OFF before the driver door is opened, or within 10 minutes, the wipers will restart and move to the base of the windshield. If the ignition is turned to LOCK/OFF during a windshield wash, the wipers will stop when they reach the base of the windshield.

30. I learned this by accident when I tapped the shifter into N thinking I was in manual mode as i was accelerating. When shifting back to D, the transmission will not actually engage D until RPMs are at a low and safe level. This prevents transmission damage and wheel skid. Kinda sucks when you accidentally do it while pulling into traffic!!

31. The steering wheel is tilt/telescopic. This means it moves up and down AND in and out. Release the latch on the bottom and pull on the wheel, you'll see what I mean.

32. If you have the nav system, when you get a low fuel warning, the nav system will ask if you'd like to find nearby gas stations. It's pretty accurate too. This feature can be disabled in the settings menu.

33. If you have the passive entry with push start (standard on 2012+ LTZ), both front doors have a feature to lock the door keylessly. On 2012 Cruzen, the little black square on the door will lock and unlock the car if the key is in close proximity. The square has no give though, its just a touch sensitive button. On 2013+ Cruzen, the door handles were redesigned to incorporate a button. They too require the key to be in close proximity, but you just have to tap the button. In addition, passive entry equipped cars just require a pull on any door handle (or push on the trunk button) to unlock, as long as the key is within range.

34. If the sunroof is in the vent position or fully open, either button will close it.

35. You cannot drain the battery by forgetting to leave lights or electronics on (interior and exterior). After about 5-10 min, everything will turn off, preserving the battery from discharging.

36. Yes, the centre brake light in the window is shaped like a bow tie (chevy logo).

37. The windows have an express down feature. If you press the button harder the window will go down all the way. Only the drivers side has express up, pull the button a little harder to activate this. You'll feel the 2 click levels.

38. Even with no key in the ignition, you can operate the radio by pressing the power button. This lasts for 10 min and can be turned back on again once for another 10 minutes up to a max of 20 min. After that, you'll have to engage the key to ACC before the electronics will work again. This also works while in remote start.

39. Apparently the windows will not crush your fingers if you go to close them and there's fingers in the way. They will reverse back down. I haven't tried this yet. Anyone wanna be the guinea pig? (I have confirmed this feature but it only works with the express up feature. If you hold the button and put your fingers there the window will still go up until you release the hurts!)

40. If you only press the lock once on the FOB the car locks but waits about 30 seconds to arm the alarm system. The horn wont go off. Pressing the lock twice will arm immediately, and honk the horn for confirmation.

41. If you have the passive entry system you can go to the config settings and setup the car to automatically lock when you leave so do you don't have to touch the painted square/button on the handle. The car locks when the key is out of range and unlocks again when the key is back in range. **Remember, this setting must be enabled for it to work.

42. The radio can hold up to 36 station presets. Use the Favourite button to cycle through pages. On the nav system, you have the option of selecting how many Fav pages you want, each of which holds 6 presets.

43. Wanna have fun in the snow? If you press the traction control button to the right of the shift lever it will disable the traction control. If you HOLD the button down for 5 seconds it will disable both the traction control AND the stabilitrac.

44. The 2011 stock navigation system for North American Cruzes has an 80gb (or maybe it was 40gb) hard drive built in. You can save songs to it from CDs or from USB drives (not from iPods). You can also REWIND and PAUSE RADIO! for up to 20 min. To do this, press and hold the skip backwards button (rewind) or press the pause button to pause. Even if you turn off the engine, it will continue to run for 20 min. So if you stop to get gas and want to continue your morning talk show, just pause it. It will resume after a few seconds once you start back up.

45. The doors lock automatically when the car is put into D (depending on the settings you have). To open any door without unlocking the entire car simply pull the door handle twice. The first pull will unlock, the second pull will open the door. This won't work for the back doors if the child lock is engaged. (Warning: this works even when the car is in motion... Yes, I tried it...)

46. If you are out of P (in gear) and unlock the doors, they will remain unlocked until one of the doors opens. Once the door closes again and you release your foot off the brake to continue your drive, all the doors will lock again. This also happens if you use the tip above to open just one door. As soon as you lift your foot off the brake, the door(s) will lock again. Basically, the car will want to remain locked at all times unless it is manually overridden by pressing the unlock button. I'm assuming in case of an accident, the doors should automatically unlock, but don't quote me on that one.

47. In addition to the six sets of presets (#42) there are two sets of "AutoStore" radio controls. These are useful while travelling to find the strongest stations in the local area.

Be safe out there!
If anything needs to be added feel free to post your findings below.


Blue = New additions!
When your internet viewing is set for "low light"/"night viewing," #44 and at least one comment does NOT show, except for the misspelled words being underlined with a red squiggle. BUT, for what it says, I'm going to look into that this weekend. Wonder if my '18 Silverado does that, too?

I've done some of these on my '15 (when I had it) & '18 Silverados, and they work just the same. However.....

#26 - If I have my Silverado's transmission in "TOW/HAUL Mode," the turn signal will flash SIX times, when flicked. BUT, both Cruze and Silverado/Sierra will cancel remaining flashes/blinks, if you flick the turn signal handle a second time, before the start of the third (or if in "Tow/Haul Mode" of the Silverado/Sierra, sixth) blink/flash.

#38 - There is NO time limit to how long (many times) you can run the radio in this mode on the Silverado. And I tried this in my '14 Cruze Eco a week ago, no limit. **Along this same line, when you shut off your engine, the radio will continue to play for 10 minutes or until the driver's door is opened, whichever happens first.
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