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I am toying with the idea of dipping some parts on my car. Namely the front and rear emblems. Maybe the wheels, and then I have the 2015 with the new front end so I was considering dipping the bottom most lip between the LEDs black to make it look more like the RS which has two black strips. Also, similar to what I've seen other people do below their grill but I'm going to have to get a little creative with the new design that is a bit more curvy.

I have read all about how to do it. I have also seen tons of people on here doing it. Videos online seem to have good reviews and they show people taking it off after an entire year no problem. The only thing is that the only person who I talked to that actually did it extensively said do not dip my car. And I walked by a car the other day with blacked out rims which were pealing. I touched them and it was plasti dip. Maybe that is a skewed sample size, especially considering I see many cars with blacked out rims and I would only know if it is plasti dip instead of paint if they were pealing which could be from poor application.

Anyone actually have dip on their car for a long time? I'd love to hear positive and negative feedback. If I end up doing some dipping this weekend, I'll be sure to post pics.

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