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Three little electrics issues with my 2010 Cruze

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Hi - I have the following 3 issues and I was wondering (a) How easy/cheap they'll be to fix, and (b) Whether I need to go to a Chevy/GM dealer to get the best chance of fixing it.

1. The boot (sorry, trunk) won't open from the button on the car; it unlocks fine from the button on the key.

2. The mirrors won't electrically fold back when I pull back the mirror switch in the centre position; to be fair I don't even know if that facility is fitted to my car - but the button DOES move backwards.

3. I don't think the daytime running lights are coming on - is there a switch/button-press combination to enable them? I was sure they WERE working before...

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If the overseas market is anything like the US, GM didn't think the EXTERIOR trunk button needed to be water proof from the elements until the end of February 2014 when they started installing them on the 2014 models.
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