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Three little electrics issues with my 2010 Cruze

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Hi - I have the following 3 issues and I was wondering (a) How easy/cheap they'll be to fix, and (b) Whether I need to go to a Chevy/GM dealer to get the best chance of fixing it.

1. The boot (sorry, trunk) won't open from the button on the car; it unlocks fine from the button on the key.

2. The mirrors won't electrically fold back when I pull back the mirror switch in the centre position; to be fair I don't even know if that facility is fitted to my car - but the button DOES move backwards.

3. I don't think the daytime running lights are coming on - is there a switch/button-press combination to enable them? I was sure they WERE working before...

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On point 2 - I didn't invent it LOL it's in the owner's manual; however that covers a whole bunch of models and optional extras.
I was going to say that this is an option overseas, but you beat me to it. I actually considered adding one to the passenger side to facilitate in curb avoidance.
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