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Last July with my 2011 6M ECO Cruze being brand new and not broken in and in hot and humid weather and running A/C - lag/bog was very noticeable and even dangerous. Subsequently have modded with K&N drop in, Trifecta Tune, 93 octane and the engine is fully broken in and oil is full synthetic Mobil 1 - Cruze is much better now with A/C running. I had a day off on Monday and picked up the spark plug gapping tool and magnetic plug socket, if the weather holds up, I will check and re gap plugs as needed but no more than .03 since I have the Trifecta Tune. My previous drive by wire vehicle was a Supercharged 2002 Mercedes C230K 6M-I do not recall any lag at all with that vehicle. I did noticed a lag on my wife's new 2012 Honda CR-V (2.4 N/A) also a drive by wire throttle vehicle. I was surprised as Honda's are known for excellent running engines/transmissions.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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