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Thumb Drive won't work

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Hello, I've tried every format but can't get a usb drive to work. I have a 8gb and a 256 gb. Formatted NTFS, fat 32, exfat. Nothing won't recognize them at all! They are usb 3.0. I have a 2014 CTD. Any suggestions? It's the MY LINK/NAV
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I had the actual USB Icon go dark for about 6 months. You could touch it but nothing happened with my 14 MyLink
Yup, ipod or Android on the usb works. a thumb drive does not work... not sure why. ..sure its the format

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Use exFat for usb drives and do a full format/clean. That will manually go through and check them. Also if you got them off ebay, yeah just throw them in the trash.
They are usb 3.0.
Why? The Cruze isn't that fancy. Go get a plain-jane, cheap Sandisk Cruser.
Try a USB 2 drive. USB 3 drives should work in USB 2 ports but I've seen some instances where a USB 3 drive won't work in a USB 2 port.
Ok will try a 2.0. Thanks.

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I bought a 32gb Cruzer Fit and it works great, plus the small form factor makes it difficult for anyone snooping to tell if a drive is installed or not. I have the 64gb version also, but I have not tried it yet as it is used on my Wii U system (another place where a small form factor is a great idea).

Both drives are not very expensive and shouldn't run more than $15 for the 32 or $20 for the 64.
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