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Timing chain and gasket replacement.

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Hello, what brand of timing chain and guides is everyone using? Also what is the go to crank stop and cam lock kit? My wife's timing cover is leaking really bad. Do you guys replace the chain and tensioner and guides when doing the timing cover gasket or only replace it when you get a code? My wife's has 224,000 on her engine. Cloye's makes a complete kit and NAPA carries one as well. I don't know if most of you are just using OEM parts or if there is a better go to option that works just as well and is in stock locally. It really sucks to have to remove the timing chain just to change the dang gasket. Her Cruze is losing too much oil and I really need to do this. Kind of a silly design to have oil passages and use a crap gasket design that fails easily. I wish Fel-pro had a problem solver gasket for these.
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OEM parts work great if you l keep up on your oil changes. I haven't found anything better for the chain, guides, and tensioner.
Yeah usually they are the go to, but at times there are better parts made because of issues that were found after the OEM parts were made. I'll order OEM parts but still need to find the best set of tools to buy without spending unneeded money on them.
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